Imran Khan loses party leadership for first time in 27 years

Islamabad, Dec 2 (EFE).- Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday lost his position as chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party for the first time since he founded it 27 years ago, according to a statement by the party.

Gohar Khan was elected unopposed as the new chairman in the internal elections, in which the former cricketer was not one of the candidates as he remains under imprisonment for a corruption case.

The new chairman has also so far served as one of the party’s lawyers, the statement underlined.

However, the new PTI chief, addressing the media after being elected, stressed that “Imran Khan was the chairman, he is still the chairman and God willing, he will remain the chairman for life.”

“As long as I am (chairman) I will work as a representative of khan. This post will be with me as a fidelity until Khan is back,” he added.

Besides Gohar Khan elected as chairman, Omer Ayub Khan was chosen as secretary-general of the party, as per the statement.

Pakistan’s Election Commission forced the PTI to hold these internal elections after canceling last year’s election, in which Imran Khan retained his post, over alleged lack of transparency.

Imran Khan, currently in prison and facing numerous legal proceedings, was unable to participate in the party elections due to a conviction in a corruption case earlier this year.

The former prime minister had held the party’s presidency since 1996, when he founded the PTI, and had since been elected unopposed in all internal elections.

The PTI went from just a few members in 1996 to becoming one of the main parties in the country.

Khan served as the country’s prime minister from 2018 to 2022, when he was removed from power by a no-confidence motion. EFE


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