India crosses 25 million total Covid-19 cases with record daily deaths

New Delhi, May 18 (EFE).- India surpassed 25 million cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday since the start of the pandemic, despite a decline in infections in recent days, while also recording a new daily record of 4,329 deaths.

The country registered 263,533 infections in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Indian Ministry of Health, the lowest number in a month after India reported a record of over 400,000 cases everyday two weeks ago.

The total Covid-19 toll now stands at 25.2 million cases – second highest after the United States – and 278,719 deaths – third highest after the US and Brazil.

India has now recorded less than 300,000 cases for the second consecutive day amid a virulent second wave that has overwhelmed the healthcare system with a shortage of medical oxygen and hospital beds.

While the decline in the number of cases provides a hopeful picture, experts warn that the official figures do not reflect the actual situation on the ground as the number of infections and deaths are significantly higher.

India administered 1.5 million doses of anti-Covid jabs in the last 24 hours as a part of its vaccination campaign, touted as the only solution to the current crisis.

A total 184 million people have been vaccinated so far and only 3 percent on the population have received both doses, as the campaign progresses at a slower place than expected.

Several regional governments have reported shortage of vaccines, while the federal government has reiterated that there is enough vaccines for all.

On Monday, the authorities in the capital of New Delhi announced a suspension of vaccination for people aged 18-44 due to lack of sufficient vaccine doses. EFE


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