India detects nearly 9,000 cases of ‘black fungus’ in Covid patients

New Delhi, May 23 (EFE).- India has detected a surge in rare and potentially deadly black fungus infections in Covid-19 patients, authorities announced in a statement.

A total of 8.848 people have been diagnosed with Mucormycosis, which has a mortality rate of around 50%.

To tackle the spike, the central government has been shipping the Amphotericin B drug to the affected states, chemical products minister Sadananda Gowda said on Twitter.

The western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra are currently the worst hit by Mucormycosis with 2,281 and 2,000 cases respectively.

A couple of weeks ago, the Indian health authorities published guidelines to diagnose and treat Mucormycosis, a pre-Covid-19 fungal infection that is not directly related to the coronavirus.

The disease especially affects “patients with uncontrolled diabetes” or who have complications from diabetes, infectious disease doctor Atul Patel told Efe.

He added that the use of steroids to treat Covid-19 could be a contributing factor.

The recommended precautions against the infection include proper hygiene, masks and covering the whole body while gardening, as the fungi group associated with Mucormycosis is commonly found in soils and rotting organic material. EFE


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