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India mulls law to address deepfake menace

New Delhi, Nov 23 (EFE).- The Indian government said on Thursday that it would frame legislation to regulate the use of artificial intelligence in generating realistic and deceptive videos and images depicting events that never occurred, commonly known as “deepfakes.”

These deepfakes have been identified as a growing threat to democracy and societal well-being.

In a press statement, Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said he held discussions with representatives from communication platforms and social media companies in the Indian capital.

He said the stakeholders acknowledged the harmful impact of deepfakes on society and understood that it was “something really harmful for society”

He said they agreed on the need for much heavier regulation to curb the misuse of artificial intelligence.

“So we agree that we will start drafting the regulation today. We’ll start drafting the regulations today. And within a very short time frame, we will have a new set of regulations for deep fakes,” the minister said.

Several public figures and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have expressed deep concern about the creation of deepfakes.

“In the era of artificial intelligence, there is a need to use technology in a responsible manner. There is growing concern about the negative use of AI all over the world,” Modi said on Wednesday in remarks at a virtual G20 meeting.

“We have to move forward, understanding the seriousness of how dangerous deepfake is for society and for the individual,” he said.

He said the government desired that AI should reach the people and must be safe for society.

He said the Global AI Partnership Summit was being hosted in India next month. EFE


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