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Indonesia posthumously promotes crew of sunken submarine

Jakarta, Apr 26 (EFE).- The president of Indonesia announced Monday that he will posthumously promote the 53 crew members of the Indonesian Navy presumed to have died in the accident of the submarine KRI Nanggala 402.

The submarine was located on Sunday at a depth of more than 800 meters in the waters north of the tourist island of Bali.

“The state will give awards for promotion of one level higher and (…) honor for the dedication and sacrifice of these soldiers,” Joko Widodo said in a statement in which he conveyed his “deep condolences” for the deaths.

After an agonizing search against the clock, the authorities announced Sunday that they were presuming dead all the crew of the submarine that disappeared at dawn on Wednesday, after finding it split into three parts on the sea bed at a depth of 838 meters.

Rescue teams have not yet found the bodies of any of the crew who, once recovered, will be transferred to the city of Surabaya on the island of Java.

The authorities, who on Saturday considered the submarine had sunk but still hoped to find people alive, ruled out human error.

According to the videos and photos of the submarine published by the Indonesian Navy, as well as a statement by the Navy chief, the stern and the hull of the submarine were found separate from the main part, which had cracks in it.

For days, hundreds of people in boats and helicopters of the Indonesian Navy – with sonar and other equipment – tirelessly combed the Bali Sea where contact with the submarine, manufactured in Germany in 1978, was lost as it took part in a torpedo-firing drill.

KRI Nanggala 402 was located by a submarine from Singapore participating in the search. Australia, India and the United States were also involved in search efforts.

“I also convey my appreciation for the assistance from friendly countries in the efforts and hard search for KRI Nanggala 402,” the Indonesian president said.

Widodo said he would also guarantee the education of the personnel’s children up to undergraduate level. EFE


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