Indonesian president appeals Jakarta pollution verdict

Jakarta, Oct 11 (EFE) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo has appealed a court ruling that found him guilty of negligence for failing to solve the environmental pollution problem in Jakarta, according to official sources Monday.

Last month, the Central Jakarta District Court, in response to a suit by several citizens, ruled that the president, the environment minister, the health minister and the home minister had failed to improve the air quality in the capital.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Firdaus Ribuman told EFE that Widodo filed his appeal on Sep.28, along with the environment, health and the interior ministers.

The court had ruled that the defendants acted negligently and ordered Widodo to tighten air quality laws with the aim of protecting people’s health, the environment and the ecosystem.

Moreover, the panel of judges asked the concerned ministries to draw up an action plan to reduce pollution in Jakarta and neighboring provinces and ensure compliance.

The Indonesian capital is among the cities with the most air pollution in the world due to the high concentration of cars, emissions from coal-fired power plants and pollution from industrial areas, among other factors. EFE


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