Indonesian teacher turns plastic waste into furniture as pandemic side gig

Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Oct 18 (EFE).- With the coronavirus pandemic pushing the economy into a deep recession, an Indonesian teacher is making ends meet by turning plastic waste into furniture.

Zainuddin makes sofa stools from old plastic bottles he collects on the streets and the coastlines of Banda Aceh city, which produces tens of thousands of tons of waste per day.

To make a four-legged stool, he wraps the plastic bottles together with duct tape, covers them with a sponge lining and then upholsters them with colorful leather fabrics.

With prices ranging from 300,000 Indonesian rupiahs (around $21) to 1 million, Zainuddin has created an Instagram account to sell his products, which can withstand up to 195 kilograms of weight.

Zainuddin took on this side hustle to increase his family’s income after the onset of the pandemic and help save the environment from plastic pollution, killing two birds with one stone.EFE


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