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Inside the Metaverse’s first ancient Egyptian city

Cairo, Dec 30 (EFE).- Ancient Egypt buffs can now time travel back to the Tutankhamun era through a virtual reconstruction that plunges viewers into a bygone city with an ultra-futuristic design.

Creatives from the Tutera hub launched the initial phase of Metatut — a virtual city that reconstructs the architecture, art and the most symbolic places of the Tutankhamen era in the metaverse — to mark the centenary of British archaeologist Howard Carter’s discovery of the pharaoh’s tomb.

The project was developed at the offices of architecture studio Cube Consultants near Cairo, where a group of Egyptian graphic designers, computer scientists, architects and developers converged to bring the city of Metatut to life.

“Metatut is the future city of Tut in the virtual world and simulates the civilization of ancient Egypt in multiple forms and dimensions,” Tutera CEO, Heba Soliman, tells EFE.

Metatut offers visitors a unique experience that combines Egyptian civilization in a modern environment.

“The idea was to create a parallel universe where people can interact with each other, they can attend multiple events online, they can rent, buy or lease spaces,” Khaled Radwan, Tutera CEO, adds.

The virtual city aspires to become a meeting point in the metaverse “laying the foundations of a virtual urban collage that mixes history and the future” by “creating a parallel world that merges the charm of ancient Egyptian civilization in a modern and imaginative way,” according to the CEO.

Tutera launched the first stage of the virtual city on November 30 with a representation of the Valley of the Kings, the principal burial site for the rulers of Egypt’s New Kingdom, including the royal path which leads up to the Inner Pyramid.

Metatut expanded on December 12 with the launch of a second phase and the opening of the Hall of the Sun and the Palace of King Akhenaten; while the third stage was published on December 28 with Queen Nefertiti’s Palace and its salons, with several exhibitions about Egyptian fashion and beauty trends.EFE


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