Iran confirms talks with US in Oman but rules out interim nuclear pact

Tehran, June 12 (EFE).- Iran confirmed on Monday that it is engaged in indirect talks with the United States in Oman but dismissed the possibility of reaching an interim nuclear agreement with world powers.

“We have exchanged messages with the United States through Oman, and this continues,” Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson Naser Kanani told reporters.

However, the Kanani rejected the possibility of reaching an interim pact to replace the 2015 nuclear agreement, which limited the Iranian nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions.

“There is no interim or alternative agreement that can replace the JCPOA,” Kanani said, using the acronym for Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, a landmark accord reached between Iran and several world powers eight years ago.

The spokesperson said Iran kept negotiating with Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and indirectly with the United States to salvage the nuclear pact.

However, the talks have stalled for months.

The US withdrew from the agreement in 2018, and a year later, Iran began violating its nuclear commitments.

Since then, Iran has increased its enriched uranium stock to 4,500 kg, surpassing the 300-kilogram limit set by the 2015 agreement, including 114 kg enriched to 60 percent, a level close to that required for making a nuclear bomb.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Sunday said “there is nothing wrong” with reaching a nuclear agreement with the West but emphasized that Iranian atomic infrastructure must remain intact.

A day before the statements, Iran announced that Iraq had unfrozen $2.7 billion in Iranian funds blocked by US sanctions. EFE


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