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Iran says it will continue cooperation with IAEA

Tehran, Jun 1 (EFE).- Iran on Tuesday said it would continue to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), following the UN nuclear watchdog criticism.

On Monday, the IAEA said in a report the Islamic republic failed to provide information about nuclear material present at three undeclared locations, and that it was enriching uranium beyond the limits set in the 2015 nuclear deal.

“Iran has so far done its utmost efforts to cooperate with the Agency substantively and provide the necessary clarifications and responses,” Kazem Gharibabadi, Iran’s representative to the IAEA, said on Twitter.

“And as before, we would continue to cooperate constructively with the Agency. We highly expect such a mutual determination would result in reaching a visible practical outcome as quickly as possible,” he added.

The IAEA report said Iran possesses 3,241 kilograms of uranium enriched to various levels and has produced some 2.4 kilograms of uranium enriched up to 60%, a level close to weapons grade.

The agency expressed deep concern over the lack of explanation for the uranium particles found at the sites, which would likely complicate ongoing talks to salvage the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) IN 2015 with the United States and other nations limiting its uranium enrichment in exchange for lifting sanctions.

Three years later, former US President Donald Trump pulled out of the JCPOA and embarked on a “maximum pressure” campaign of escalating sanctions against Iran, which began to gradually take steps in violation of the pact.

Iran and the delegations of the five remaining signatories – Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom and Germany – kicked off a new stage of negotiations in early April, in which the United States is taking part indirectly.

US President Joe Biden wants to revive the nuclear deal. He has insisted that the Islamic republic will be made to fulfil its nuclear commitments, while Tehran demands Washington lift sanctions first.

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