Israel, Arab countries stand united against Iran at Negev Summit

Jerusalem, Mar 28 (EFE).- The Arab-Israel summit, with the participation of the US, held in the Negev region of Israel will become “a permanent forum” to discuss regional issues and coordinate against Iran, Israel’s foreign minister Yair Lapid said Sunday.

“This new architecture — the shared capabilities we are building — intimidates and deters our common enemies, first and foremost Iran and its proxies,” he said.

Lapid’s made these remarks at a joint presser alongside his counterparts in the United States, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates at the end of the summit.

“What will stop them is not hesitation or being conciliatory, but rather determination and strength,” he said.

“We are today opening a door before all the peoples of the region, including the Palestinians, and offering them to replace the way of terror and destruction with a shared future of progress and success,” he added.

The participants appealed to the spirit of cooperation to confront terrorism, urged to further strengthen their collaboration in the Middle East and highlighted the signing of the Abraham Accords in 2020.

With the signing of these accords, UAE, Bahrain and Morocco normalized relations with Israel under the auspices of the Administration of former US president Donald Trump.

“Just a few years ago this gathering would have been impossible to imagine,” US secretary of state Anthony Blinken said, adding that the Joe Biden administration will support the Israel-Arab alliance.

Blinken also highlighted the US will to work with Israel and its Arab partners against the regional threats, including Iran.

The meeting was held amid weeks-long speculations that a nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers could be reached soon, which worries both Israel and several Arab countries.

During the presser, several ministers mentioned the need to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, also calling for a two-state solution and the creation of an independent Palestinian state according to the 1967 borders. EFE


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