Israeli president urges ‘togetherness’ as he receives election results

Jerusalem, Nov 9 (EFE).- Israeli president Isaac Herzog on Wednesday urged “togetherness” and “responsibility” as he received the official results of the November 1 elections, held after the previous parliament voted to dissolve itself.

“We must not under any circumstances give up our togetherness. The responsibility belongs to all of us, but in the political realm it is first and foremost that of all sides of parliament and its factions,” Herzog said, according to local media.

Former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 73, and his far-right allies secured a solid parliamentary majority in the election in a stunning return to power in Israel.

The election, the fifth in less than four years, came at a time of polarization and political paralysis in Israel during Naftali Bennett’s term as prime minister, whose eight-party coalition collapsed in June after just over a year in power.

Since then, former foreign minister Yair Lapid took on the role of the caretaker prime minister.

The Israeli president called for preserving the people’s unity, stressing “the election results are clear and we must all respect them.”

He also dismissed reports that he had met with Lapid and defense minister Benny Gantz to urge them to join the new coalition.

Herzog plans to hold official consultations with the leaders of all the parties that won seats in the election and is expected to issue a mandate to form a new government on Sunday.EFE


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