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Italian nurse guilty of injecting fake Covid vaccines charged for second time

Palermo, Italy, Mar 25 (EFE).- Italian police Friday charged a nurse in Palermo, Sicily, for inoculating 47 people with fake Covid-19 vaccines without their consent.

Giorgia Camarda, 58, had already been arrested in January for giving fake Covid-19 vaccines to a couple as well as faking her own booster dose.

The nurse had been under house arrest on forgery and embezzlement charges for having accepted money in exchange for injecting the couple with a fake Covid injection in order to obtain Italy’s coronavirus health pass.

But new evidence showed that the nurse had inoculated another 47 people with fake Covid-19 vaccines without their consent.

This time she had not done it for money, but because of her firm anti-vaccination ideology, police said.

The video shows the nurse loading up a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and then emptying it before injecting the patients in the arm.

The Covid-19 certificates of the 47 people, who were not aware of having received a fake dose, will be seized, police added. EFE


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