Italy asks Mattarella to continue as head of state to end deadlock

Rome, Jan 29 (EFE).- Italian parties on Saturday asked incumbent president Sergio Mattarella to repeat his term in office after they failed to elect his successor.

The seventh vote ended without agreement as Mattarella, who has repeatedly said that wants to retire, received 387 ballots, short of the necessary quorum of 505.

“The Italians do not deserve more days of confusion,” leader of the far-right Lega, Matteo Salvini wrote.

“I have a clear conscience, I have made numerous proposals, all high-level, all rejected by the left. We want Mattarella to continue in the Quirinal and Mario Draghi in government,” he added.

Former prime minister Matteo Renzi said: “Keeping Mattarella in the Quirinal and Draghi in the government is the only way to get Italy out of this madness”.

The leader of the progressive Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, posted a photo on Twitter with the message, “Thank you, President Mattarella”.

Forza Italia’s Silvio Berlusconi, and the Five Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, said Mattarella is the only one who can guarantee unity.

But the proposal was criticized by the leader of the far-right Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni: “I would be amazed if Mattarella accepted, after having firmly and repeatedly rejected this hypothesis,” he said on social media.

An eighth vote is scheduled later on, in which the absolute majority could already come out in favor of Mattarella, Conte said.

Mattarella’s election could end the current six-day deadlock, as coalitions on the right and left have remained far apart since the parliamentary process began on Monday.

Italy’s president is a ceremonial figure who is responsible for resolving political crises and has the final say in nominating prime ministers and cabinet members. EFE


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