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It’s a bit Jekyll and Hyde: Leto on new Marvel movie Morbius

Madrid, Mar 23 (EFE).- American actor Jared Leto, famous for his expressionist and immersive acting style, presented Wednesday his upcoming Marvel film Morbius in which he stars as Spider-Man’s conflicted enemy.

“People make different choices in life and I think it is that age old question from nurture to nature, (…) the film explores that relationship pretty deeply and that battle between evil and fighting your primal self, it is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde,” he told Efe in an interview in Madrid.

Leto plays the role of Michael Morbius, a prestigious biochemist with a rare deteriorating blood disease.

But when he injects himself with what he believes will be his cure, Morbius acquires superhuman strengths and capabilities and turns into a vampire.

“There were some changes of the body, some transformation, a certain way of walking, especially when he was sick and frail, that was a pretty significant challenge and took a bit of a toll on the body,” he said.

“But I am really excited about this film, this character has never been on the screen before,” he added.

Leto said he used his immersive acting techniques to enter the role of Morbius.

“I worked with some people that have rare diseases to get an understanding of what that life was like, I am fascinated by that kind of approach, immersive acting,” he said.

When asked about the possibility of a confrontation between Morbius and Spider-Man on the big screen, Leto did not give any hints to fans.

“I don’t know, maybe Spider-Man and Morbius will be friends.” EFE


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