Jamaal Bowman: the left has to become the new center

By Jorge Fuentelsaz

New York, Jul 2 (efe-epa).- Jamaal Bowman is the new voice of the democratic, socialist and insurgent left in the United States after prevailing in the primaries of his party in New York over veteran congressman Eliot Engel.

In an interview with Efe in a park in the Bronx neighborhood, he says he is convinced that the “left has to become the new center” as well as the need to defeat President Donald Trump, whom he compares to Hitler.

About 10 minutes before the interview, he personally calls to confirm the location: the corner between Broadway and Van Cortlandt Park in the North Bronx, a place near Yonkers County, where Bowman, a former high school principal lives with his wife and three children.

He arrives alone, dressed in a purple polo shirt, black glasses, shorts and a smile that can be seen behind a fabric mask, which he takes off when the interview begins.

The interview takes place on a bench in Van Cortlandt Park where he talks about his life, his party, the country and the African-American community.

“It got us to the position where we have this happening. People are dying while people are making billions of dollars, so Biden have to move, the Democratic Party has to move, the country has to move away from these extremes that literally kill people, particularly black and brown, disproportionality,” Bowman says.

Bowman, 44, is part of a new generation of young progressive figures in the Democratic Party, led by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

He was a high school teacher for 20 years and has experienced many of the US’s social injustices first hand which has helped shape him as a politician.

“You know when you have that experience, it’s not just that, being raised by a single mother, my father not being around, living in public housing, living in rent-stabilized apartments, attending public schools, having family members on drugs, having friends who have been killed or incarcerated, being beating by the police,” he adds.

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