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Japan adds 17 countries to list of nations it discourages traveling to

Tokyo, Jul 21 efe-epa) .- The Government of Japan today included 17 more countries, including Venezuela and Paraguay, in the list of nations that recommends not traveling due to the coronavirus pandemic, and with those incorporated today it rises to 146 nations. or territories.

The measure adopted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with immediate effect usually precedes an order of the Ministry of Justice that imposes the entry ban on Japan from people who are included in that black list.

At a press conference, Toshimitsu Motegi, said today that in addition to Paraguay, Venezuela and Suriname, in Latin America, there are 14 more nations in Africa and Asia that are at risk level 3, which implies that the Japanese authorities recommend canceling any journey to those nations.

That same recommendation is found for all of Europe and many other countries, with measures that have been taken since the coronavirus pandemic began to spread around the world.

Motegi said that the Japanese government is reviewing how it can gradually lift these restrictions for countries where “the virus is under control,” although he did not specify dates.

He did recall that there are consultations to lift immigration restrictions in four countries, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, with certain conditions, such as previous PCR tests to rule out that those who arrive are not infected with SARS-CoV-2.

The senior official said that the global evolution of the coronavirus pandemic is uncertain, but “as soon as possible” the immigration restrictions will be lifted.

The ban on entry of nationals from more than a hundred countries affects foreign residents in Japan, who are prohibited from returning if they must travel to their places of origin, unless there are exceptional reasons, such as death or serious illness of a family member. EFE-EPA


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