Japan blocks more Moderna vaccines over contamination fears

Tokyo, Aug 29 (EFE).- Japan Sunday said it suspended vaccination at a local center in the southern region of Okinawa after detecting contaminants in Moderna Covid-19 vaccines.

Earlier, Japan had blocked 1.63 million vaccine doses after reports of suspected contamination.

Public broadcaster NHK reported that a pharmacist first spotted black substances in a syringe with the vaccination dose in Okinawa.

Later, health officials found black substances in one more syringe and a vial.

And pink substances were found in a different syringe filled with the vaccine.

The authorities in Okinawa later halted vaccination at the large-scale vaccination center as a precautionary measure a day before, and it remained suspended on Sunday.

Health officials found contaminants during visual inspection of Moderna vaccines after inoculating more than 400 persons, apparently with non-contaminated doses.

At the moment, there is no evidence that there have been any medical problems among those vaccinated, local authorities said.

On Thursday, the health ministry suspended doses from three lots as officials detected foreign substances in unopened vials of the Moderna vaccine at multiple vaccination sites.

The government blocked a total of 1.63 million doses after receiving reports of foreign substances in some vials.

The health ministry Saturday said two men died after receiving a dose of the Moderna vaccine.

The ministry said it was investigating the deaths as it remains unclear if the fatalities were related to the vaccines.

The ministry said the jabs the two men received were not from those with the lot number in which contamination was found. EFE


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