Japan ‘concerned’ about potential Russian invasion of Ukraine

Tokyo, Jan 7 (EFE).- Japan expressed concern on Friday about the build-up of Russian forces at the border with Ukraine and over a potential military invasion.

Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said at a press conference that Japan is watching Russian military movement with concern and that Tokyo will adopt necessary measures in any event.

Hayashi appeared before the media after participating in a two-way telephone meeting with Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi and American counterparts Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

“Moscow’s military buildup on Ukraine’s borders and its increasingly harsh rhetoric not only threaten Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, but peace and stability across Europe,” Blinken said at the start of the meeting.

The two countries agreed to continue to collaborate closely, and Tokyo gave its support to Ukrainian territorial unity and sovereignty.

The Japanese foreign minister said the current challenges of the international community include “the change in the strategic balance, unilateral and coercive attempt to change the status quo, abusive use of unfair pressure, and expanding authoritarian regime,” while highlighting the importance of cooperation to combat them.

Japan therefore joined other countries that have expressed concern about a possible Russian military offensive after reportedly amassing up to 100,000 soldiers along the Ukraine border, a move that has escalated tension in the region.

Ukrainian and American sources have indicated that an attack could occur early this year.

Russia has denied that it is preparing for an invasion and has said that the West pays excessive attention to the movement of troops within Russian borders. EFE


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