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Japan confirms Pyongyang successfully placed an ‘object’ into orbit

Tokyo, Nov 24 (EFE).- Japan’s defense ministry on Friday confirmed that North Korea managed to successfully place an object into Earth’s orbit during its recent launch, which the regime claims is its first spy satellite, the Malligyong-1.

“As a result of conducting analysis in cooperation with the United States and South Korea, the Ministry of Defense has confirmed that an object launched by North Korea is orbiting the earth,” Japanese Defense Minister Minoru Kihara said in a press conference after a cabinet meeting on Friday.

This is the first confirmation of the success of the North Korean launch by a third country.

North Korea launched a rocket carrying a satellite late Tuesday and said the following day that it had been successfully placed into orbit.

The launch of the spy satellite occurred after two failed attempts in May and August.

Kihara refrained from confirming whether the device was working correctly, as indicated by the North Korean regime, which claims that it has already taken images of US military bases in Guam.

“We believe that careful analysis is still required to determine the details of whether the object is orbiting in the direction North Korea intended and whether it is functioning as intended,” he said.

In a subsequent press conference, top government spokesperson Hirokazu Matsuno condemned the increase in the frequency of North Korean missile launches, including the rocket, which violates the sanctions imposed on the regime by the United Nations for using ballistic missile technology.

He also expressed concern about the progress in its weapons development. EFE


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