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Japan posted 1.91 trillion yen current account surplus in July

Tokyo, Sep 8 (EFE).- Japan registered a current account surplus of 1.91 trillion yen ($ 17.3 billion) in July, marking its 85th consecutive month of positive balance, the government reported Wednesday.

The figure is 24.5 percent higher than that registered in the same month last year and more than double that recorded in June, according to data published by the finance ministry.

Trade balance reached a surplus of 622.3 billion yen, four times more than in the same month of the previous year, but 4 percent less than the figure registered in the previous month.

Exports increased 37.5 percent year-on-year to 7.22 trillion yen and imports increased 29.3 percent to 6.6 trillion yen.

The services balance recorded a deficit of 584.9 billion yen, 40.7 percent more year-on-year and 68.8 percent higher than the previous month.

In the seventh month of 2021, the income account registered a positive balance of 2.1 trillion yen, 10.5 percent more year-on-year.

Transfers registered a deficit of 226.2 billion yen, 2.27 times more than the previous year and almost triple that of the previous month.

The balance of payments reflects the payments and income from exchanges with the exterior of goods, services, income and transfers, and is considered one of the broadest commercial indicators of a country. EFE


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