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Japan posted $ 14.9 billion current surplus in August

Tokyo, Oct 8 (EFE).- Japan registered a current surplus of 1.67 trillion yen ($ 14.9 billion) in August, its 86th consecutive month in positive terms.

The figure represents a decrease of 20.1 percent compared to August 2020, as well as 19 percent less than the surplus in July, according to preliminary data published by the Finance Ministry.

Trade balance in August showed a deficit of 372.4 billion yen, in contrast to the surplus of more than double that value registered a year earlier.

Exports advanced 27.1 percent year-on-year to 6.51 trillion yen, while imports grew 45.9 percent to 6.88 trillion yen.

The services balance recorded a negative balance of 194.9 billion yen , 40.2 percent less than in 2020.

The income account showed a positive surplus of 2.4 trillion yen in June, 6.7 percent more.

The transfer rate showed a capital outflow of 193,100 million yen (1,493 million euros), which is 22.1 percent less than in 2020.

The balance of payments reflects the income and outflows of capital for foreign exchanges of goods, services, income and transfers, and is considered one of the broadest economic indicators of a country. EFE


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