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Japan posted a trade surplus of $ 2.34 billion in April

Tokyo, May 20 (EFE).- Japan registered a trade surplus of 255.3 billion yen ($ 2.34 billion) in April, which is the third consecutive month in positive terms, the government reported Thursday.

The positive balance is less than a third of that registered in the same month of 2020, according to data published by Japan’s Finance Ministry.

Japanese exports advanced 38 percent year-on-year in the fourth month of the year to 7.18 trillion yen. Imports increased by 12.8 percent, to 6.9 trillion yen.

By countries, Japan registered with China, its largest trading partner, a deficit of 165 billion yen, 70 percent lower than a year earlier.

With the world’s leading economy and its second trading partner, the United States, the Asian country had a surplus of 537 billion yen, which is 196 percent more year-on-year.

With the European Union, its third commercial partner, it registered a deficit of 110 billion yen, 41.9 percent less than the one recorded in the same month of 2020.

With Brazil, the country reduced its deficit by 19 percent to 29 billion yen, while in the case of the negative balance with Chile it decreased by 39.2 percent, to 45 billion yen.

Japan registered with Mexico a surplus of 53 billion yen, 287 percent more year-on-year. EFE


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