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Japan sanctions imports of Russian gold and new members of the regime

Tokyo, Jul 5 (EFE).- Japan approved Tuesday new sanctions on Russia, including a ban on importing gold, as well as the freezing of assets of several officials related to the regime and businessmen.

Among the new measures is the ban on importing precious metals, such as gold, as well as the freezing of the assets of 57 people linked to the Russian regime, the Foreign Ministry reported in a statement, a decision in line with the commitments signed in the most recent summit of the G7, of which Japan is a part.

Japan prohibited exports to 65 Russian and 25 Belarusian companies, and the provision of accounting, consulting or auditing services to the Federation, among others.

Among the people sanctioned are the deputy prime minister and chief of staff of the Russian Executive, Dmitri Grigorenko; oligarch Sergei Roldugin, alleged custodian of Putin’s wealth abroad; and his wife, Elena Mirtova, among numerous senior officials in the country’s army.

Today’s increased sanctions come two months after the Japanese government announced another round of sanctions against Russia, including freezing the assets of 141 people, including the country’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, and banning exports to 71 Russian companies.

There are already more than 560 people and more than 40 companies and entities covered by sanctions from the country.

In its previous rounds of sanctions, Japan decided to stop exporting semiconductors and components for microchips that could be used by the Russian military industry and, among other product categories, also halted sales of luxury cars to Russia, among other punitive measures adopted following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. EFE


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