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Japanese robot-companion gets its own fashion line

Tokyo, Jan (EFE).- Japan’s Lovot, a personalized robot-companion, can from Thursday boast of its own fashion line, designed by famous designer Yumi Katsura, for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and other social functions.

Lovots, defined as an “emotional robot” by its distributor Groove X, were launched in 2019 and first hit the market in pairs, figuring among the latest robotic pets or companion being sold in Japan.

Its creator Kaname Hayashi, one of the brains behind the iconic android interactive robot Pepper, had said while launching Lovot that it was aimed at “awakening feelings of love” in the owner and could help resolve the issue of loneliness in the Japanese society.

Katsura, one of the most well-known wedding fashion designer in Japan, has created a unique line of clothes for these robots, ranging from wedding and anniversary dresses to prom attire.

The collection of tiny clothes, the first of its kind, carries floral, pearl and bird motifs and was launched at an event in Tokyo on Thursday.

Each of the clothes is priced at around 67,000 yen ($585), while the robot itself costs around 350,000 yen ($3,060) apart from monthly maintenance costs starting 17,000 yen ($150).

Lovot is able to recognize frequent voices and loves the show of affection, being equipped with the communication levels of a baby or a pet, according to its creators.

It has has sensors in 20 places that prevent it from crashing or falling and a temperature similar to that of a human being, apart from being able to feel the human touch. EFE


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