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Japan’s emperor calls for building peaceful world in new year message

Tokyo, Jan 1 (EFE).- Japanese Emperor Naruhito spoke Monday of the tremendous loss of human life due to global conflicts in his traditional new year’s message and called for more efforts to build a more peaceful world.

“It pains me that the lives of so many people are being lost due to wars and conflicts in different parts of the world. Once again, I insist on the importance of making efforts to understand and cooperate with each other in order to build a more peaceful world,” the monarch said in his speech.

Naruhito said 2023 was a year in Japan in which natural disasters occurred, from earthquakes and typhoons to heavy rains or snowfall, and spoke of his concern for those citizens who also have to face the incipient inflation that affects the archipelago.

He said he is encouraged by the fact that there are “many people who continually work in various fields for those in need” and that he hopes that “this circle of people will increase.”

“I pray that this New Year will be a year in which the people of Japan and the world can move forward with hope for the future while we all worry about each other,” Naruhito concluded.

The emperor, 63, has been able to resume his schedule of activities normally this year after the end of pandemic restrictions in Japan with his wife, with whom he celebrated 30 years of marriage in 2023.

In June the couple made their first official trip abroad since 2020 when they visited Indonesia. EFE


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