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Just 14 percent of aid reaching northern Gaza, says UN

Geneva, Jan 11 (EFE).- Only three of the 21 planned shipments carrying humanitarian aid have been delivered to northern Gaza since Jan. 1, according to the United Nations on Thursday.

“Between 1 and 10 January, only 14 percent (3 of 21) planned aid deliveries of food, medicines, water, and other life-saving supplies to the north of Wadi Gaza proceeded,” the agency said in its daily report.

Aid delivery partners were forced to cancel or delay missions in at least two instances due to “excessive delays at Israeli checkpoints or because the agreed routes were unpassable.”

Multiple planned missions to deliver vital medical supplies to the Central Drug Store in Gaza City were denied by the Israeli authorities, the global agency said.

Since Dec. 26, five missions to Gaza City’s central drug store were stopped, causing hospitals to run out of life-saving medical supplies and equipment.

“Every day of assistance missed results in lost lives and suffering for hundreds of thousands of people who remain in northern Gaza,” the UN said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also reported that it has had to cancel six shipments to Gaza in the last two weeks.

Lack of accessibility is the barrier to delivering aid to the besieged strip, the Director-General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom, said on Wednesday.

The UN also highlighted the attacks on health facilities in Gaza. On Wednesday, a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance was struck by an Israeli airstrike, killing four workers and two patients.

According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, Israeli attacks killed 147 and injured 243 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total death toll since the start of the Israel-Hamas war on Oct. 7 to 23,357 and injured 59,410 people. EFE


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