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K-Pop group BTS premieres colorful interactive museum

By Andres Sanchez Braun

Seoul, May 14 (EFE).- The production company behind global musical phenomenon BTS opened the doors to its new headquarters, where it inaugurated a new interactive museum Friday dedicated to its K-Pop bands and with RM, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, V and Jungkook as their leads.

The new headquarters, in the Hangangno neighborhood of Seoul, are at a brand new 17-floor building with seven basements in contrast to the one-story office they had until now in the exclusive district of Gangnam.

Two of those basements house a museum that promises to delight K-Pop fans around the globe and become one of the most visited attractions in the South Korean capital once tourism recovers after the pandemic.

Hybe — the music agency, originally called Big Hit Entertainment — has conceived the venue as a multisensory experience with which visitors can learn more about the development of their products or the inspiration behind some of their songs.

At Hybe Insight, as the museum is called, costumes worn by the artists are displayed, as well as a wall of about five to six meters high that exposes numerous awards — from Billboard Awards to the American Music Awards or the Mnet Asian Awards — won overwhelmingly by BTS.

The first basement serves as an introduction to the Hybe universe with spaces that divide the music produced by the company into three components.

The first, aimed at sound, explains the work of producers and “beat makers” (the “creators of rhythms”), shows the unpicking “by layers” of what is done in recording and editing studios and culminates with an overwhelming panel which shows a visual representation of all the elements involved in the song “On” by BTS.

The second space, focused on movement, emphasizes the choreography, an essential element of K-Pop that reaches new heights with Hybe’s star band and is also an indisputable sign of other groups in the house such as TXT, Enhyphen or Seventeen.

The third area focuses on the narrative behind the musical themes that the South Korean corporation has published.

Here they fit from the map of a fictional city conceived by BTS through their two albums of the series “The most beautiful moment in life” to the pages underlined by the CEO and founder of Hybe, Bang Si-hyuk, of books that have become the common theme of later works. These include “Demian” by Herman Hesse or “Map of the soul according to Jung” of Murray Stein.

The second floor houses a temporary exhibition space that for the next few months will house the drawings created by American James Jean, who has turned the seven members of BTS into “spirits” of nature.

In this way, Jungkook becomes a creature called Cottontail, RM becomes Moonchild or J-Hope transforms into Narcissus.

This is followed by an area that seeks for the visitor to enjoy music “through the other senses,” be it dancing, smelling flowers that have inspired some artists, or playing video games.

Then they await a collection of portraits of all the Hybe artists or the uniforms — with Christian Dior vest include — worn by BTS to perform “Mic drop” in cities around the world.

Before arriving at the museum’s must-see shop, a 10-minute video greets visitors with interviews with Yuju and Yejin from GFriend, Dino from Seventeen, HuengingKai and Joshua from TXT, or the entire BTS flat in which the artists talk of the moments of doubt in their careers.

Hybe Insight is a climax to the energetic and often unfathomable symbiosis that is created between groups and K-Pop fans and that Hybe seems to have taken to new levels. EFE


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