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Kate del Castillo announces 3rd season of “La reina del sur”

By Alicia Civita

Miami, Jul 16 (efe-epa).- Mexican actress Kate del Castillo revealed that, together with Telemundo and Spanish screenwriter Arturo Perez Reverte, she is preparing for a third season of her popular television series “La reina del sur,” even as she continues fulfilling her responsibilities with her producer, her tequila brand and her work as a political and animal rights activist.

“After the second season, which was so incredible, we all – the public, Telemundo and I – wanting more Teresa Mendoza and ‘La reina del sur.’ So, we decided to do a third season that’s going to be the biggest challenge in which we’ve been involved in this project,” Del Castillo told EFE in an interview.

“Now we’re studying how we’re going to do it, because things have changed a lot, for her (the character) and for us. What we certainly know is that she’s going to overcome the second season, which you’ve already seen. This third one’s not going to be any less good,” said the actress with the enthusiasm that she habitually shows for her projects and her causes.

“Also, I can tell you that Perez Reverte is doing the action plan, as always and as he should do. He and I speak often about what we want for Teresa,” she added.

At the end of the second season, Teresa – the main character in the series that began the phenomenon of the so-called “narco-novelas” (narco soap operas) – was left on a paradise beach, resting in a hammock when she heard the voice of her daughter Sofia warning her that someone was coming.

“I don’t know who they are. Whether they’re friends, enemies, Russians, Americans. We don’t know anything yet,” the actress said, revealing that the discussions to date have been focused on deciding if they’re going to deal with the issue of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We don’t know. On the one hand, we’d like to ignore it because the nice thing about the series is that it’s timeless. You can watch it any time and it’s believable. But on the other hand, this situation is going to change all of us and perhaps it doesn’t make sense not to do something that deals with this situation. Perhaps we could sent her to China to investigate what happened,” Del Castillo said laughing.

Her remarks make clear that this third season in the Mendoza character’s life is still in the planning stage.

However, Telemundo has already announced part of the cast that will include Isabella Sierra (playing Sofia Dante, Teresa’s daughter) and Humberto Zurita (a drug trafficker and possible president of Mexico, Epifanio Vargas), in the most important roles.

It was also confirmed that Kika Edgar (Genoveva Alcala), Lincoln Palomeque (Faustino Sanchez Godoy), Emmanuel Orenday (Danilo Marquez) and Dmitry Anisimov (Anton) will return to the roles they have been playing.

As during the second season, the series will remain a co-production of Telemundo Global Studios and Netflix.

Telemundo will retain the exclusive rights in the US and Puerto Rico, while Netflix will hold them for the rest of the world.

Del Castillo also spoke about the quarantine she followed to avoid becoming infected with the coronavirus, which she called taking a “vacation” in her own home where she had only her work to distract her despite the fears of the spread of the virus in the US, where she lives.

She admitted being nervous about having to travel to Miami from Los Angeles, where she has lived for about a decade, to fulfill a commitment with Telemundo and organize the production of “Armas de mujer,” the first original series for Peacock, the new streaming service offered by NBCUniversal.

“I was cooped up for more than 100 days and it was tough, but everything was handled with the utmost care,” she said.

Del Castillo also wanted to clarify that feeling like she was on vacation while she was confined doesn’t mean that she didn’t work, adding that she came out with her tequila line “Honor” during that time.

In addition, she participated in several projects online to collect funds for victims of the coronavirus in Mexico and the US, as well as working in favor of animals, one of her favorite causes.

She also acknowledged that it’s hard for her to remain quiet. “I work like a little ant, especially with things that I have a passion for or that concern me,” she said.

Now, she’s focusing on the upcoming US presidential election, something that she says “concerns me greatly,” adding that “They’re the most important elecions for us immigrants and for humanity, you might say.”

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