Kazakh university seeks tourism collaboration with Spain

Turkestan (Kazakhstan), May 2 (EFE).- Turkestan International University of Tourism is looking for universities in Spain with which to collaborate to promote mobility between European and Asian students.

University representative Aigul Beskempirova told Efe during a recent visit of foreign journalists to the Kazakh city of Turkestan that they have tried but failed to reach agreements similar to the ones with other European countries.

For this reason, they intend to contact Spanish universities specialized in tourism to promote exchanges with European students, said the Kazakh university representative.

Turkestan is one of the main tourist destinations in Kazakhstan, due to attractions such as the Khoja Ahmed Yasawi mausoleum, a Unesco World Heritage Site, which is an unfinished work from the 14th century built by Persian Empire craftspeople with one of the largest domes in Central Asia.

The monument is next to the university, which has collaboration agreements with other Asian and European countries such as France, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Russia, China, Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Malaysia.

Kazakhstan and Spain have maintained a strategic partnership since 2010, with agreements in different economic areas. EFE


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