Kim attends Pyongyang football match on grandfather’s birthday

Seoul, Apr 17 (EFE).- North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un attended a weekend soccer match on the Day of the Sun, the country’s most important holiday commemorating the birthday of his grandfather and the nation’s founder Kim Il-sung, state media reported Monday.

In February, on the birthday of Kim’s father and predecessor in office, Kim Jong-il, the leader also attended a soccer match played between members of the Cabinet and the Ministry of National Defense in the capital.

Kim did not visit Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the mausoleum where the embalmed remains of his father and grandfather rest in Pyongyang, which he usually does on their birthdays.

Some analysts believe that the way in which Kim has decided to celebrate the anniversaries of his father and his grandfather this year seems to be focused on glorifying himself and not so much the previous leaders, as was the tradition.

Meanwhile, he also inaugurated the construction of 10,000 new homes in Pyongyang’s northern Hwasong district on Sunday in an evening ceremony that featured fireworks, KCNA reported.

The regime has proposed to build 10,000 new houses a year in Hwasong by 2025. EFE


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