Kim Jong-un calls for nuclear strengthening, intensifying war preparations

Seoul, Dec 28 (EFE).- North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un called Thursday to continue strengthening his country’s nuclear capacity and intensify war preparations amid tension on the Korean peninsula.

Kim spoke of the tasks of the army and the ammunition, nuclear weapons and civil defense industries, who were instructed to “further accelerate war preparations,” state news agency KCNA reported.

Kim made this call “based on an in-depth analysis of the serious political and military situation on the Korean Peninsula, which has reached an extreme point unprecedented in history due to the confrontational movements of the United States and its vassal forces,” the agency said.

He also defended his country’s right to expand and develop strategic cooperation “with anti-imperialist countries,” in an apparent veiled reference to the criticism received for North Korea’s recent rapprochement with Beijing and Moscow, and to participate in the “anti-imperialist struggle” on an international scale.

The Workers’ Party began the plenary session Tuesday in which Kim reviewed the implementation of policies proposed this year and established the strategy for 2024, “a decisive year” for the fulfillment of the regime’s current five-year plan, in which he advocated to strengthen his weapons development.

The North Korean leader spoke of the need to further consolidate the organizational and ideological foundations of the party and to adapt to the developing situation, as well as to implement its strategy “through a more courageous and determined struggle despite the growing challenges and difficulties.”

In addition to these issues that outline the direction that Pyongyang’s foreign policy will take, Kim also spoke in front of party members about “the issues that should be prioritized” to strengthen the country’s political, labor or economic system.

Kim called to strengthen industrial sectors such as steel, chemicals, electricity, coal and machinery, and to accelerate rural development and stabilize agricultural production, prioritizing the development of regional industries and fishing, among other areas. EFE


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