Kim Jong-un meets Russian Foreign Minister in Pyongyang

Moscow, Oct 19 (EFE).- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met Thursday in Pyongyang with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s diplomatic service reported.

“President of the State Affairs of (North Korea) Kim Jong Un received Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov,” Russia’s foreign affairs ministry reported on its Telegram channel.

The department headed by Lavrov did not offer details of the meeting and said the encounter lasted just over an hour after arriving in Pyongyang the day before after attending the Third New Silk Roads Forum held in China.

This is Lavrov’s fourth visit to North Korea and comes after the summit held in September between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, and the creation of working groups to manage relations between both countries to “a new level” in all fields.

Although the details of that summit held in the Russian Far East have not been made public, Moscow said it provided space for military and space cooperation between the two countries.

Before meeting with the North Korean leader, Lavrov reported in a press conference that next November Russia and North Korea will hold an intergovernmental commission to discuss cooperation in geological prospecting and energy supplies.

“Next month the tenth session of the intergovernmental commission on economic, commercial and scientific-technical cooperation is scheduled to be held,” he said.

Lavrov said the commission would focus on the aspects of cooperation between both countries addressed in September by their leaders.EFE


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