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Kim Jong-un’s sister criticizes Seoul for doubting its test satellite

Seoul, Dec 20 (EFE).- The sister of North Korea’s leader, Kim Yo-jong, criticized Tuesday those in Seoul who have questioned the regime’s capabilities to deploy a military reconnaissance satellite after Pyongyang published images from tests over the weekend.

“Everyone with a mouth spoke disparagingly of the important test for the development of reconnaissance satellites we announced (Monday),” said Kim, one of the regime’s propaganda officials, in an article published Tuesday by state agency KCNA.

North Korean media published Monday two photos of the South Korean capital, Seoul, and the neighboring city of Incheon supposedly taken from that test satellite launched Sunday from the northwest of the country.

Many experts in the south questioned the ability of the device to take such photos and stressed the low resolution of the images, taken according to Pyongyang, with a camera with a resolution of 20 meters, a quality below that of most commercial satellites.

“Didn’t anyone think about how inappropriate and negligent it is to assess our ability to develop satellites and our progress based on the two photos taken with the test camera that we published in the newspaper?” Kim said.

Using harsh language once again, Kim said North Korea wouldn’t release low-resolution photos on purpose so that “South Korean puppets can see and criticize,” calling on experts to “think carefully and use common sense.”

Kim Jong-un’s sister also harshly criticized the response given Monday by the South Korean Ministry of Unification, which condemned the assured launch that threatens the “peace and stability of the region.”

“Do you think that saying something like that can change the course of what is going to happen in the near future? How stupid,” she said.

The regime has announced it wants to have the military reconnaissance satellite, one of the objectives within its weapons modernization program approved in 2021, ready by April. EFE


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