Kim makes 2nd visit to inspect reconstruction in flood-hit province

Bangkok Desk, Sep 12 (efe-epa).- North Korea’s leader has visited a village in the southwestern North Hwanghae province again to inspect post-flood reconstruction efforts, state media outlet Korean Central News Agency reported Saturday.

Along with Korean People’s Army chief of general staff Pak Jong-chon and Workers’ Party Central Committee officials, Kim Jong-un “acquainted himself with the progress and plan of the reconstruction” in Taechong-ri area of Unpha county, KCNA said.

Kim first visited the site in early August after a levee broke in torrential rains, leaving nearly 1,000 homes damaged or destroyed and 600 hectares of rice fields flooded, figures reported by Yonhap news agency.

“Learning in detail about the condition of the crops in the paddy fields that had been under water, he (Kim) worried that various diseases had broken out and the condition of the growth of rice was not good in much of those fields,” KCNA said.

The province of Hwanghae is the country’s major rice-producing region.

Kim “repeatedly asked officials and workers in the agricultural field to make redoubled efforts to minimize the damage to the crops and increase the yield in a consistent and responsible way,” the article said.

Yonhap said the visit was “seen as part of efforts by Kim to highlight his image as a leader caring for the livelihoods of ordinary people.”

KCNA reported Kim as saying that “he was right to give the order to build one-household dwelling houses and approve the design without considering the amount of building materials needed or land-saving aspect as demanded by the farmers he met during his last visit, adding that the newly built houses with much efforts would be worth more only when they meet the requirements of the farmers and are liked by them.”

He was also reported to have heaped praise on the army members involved in the rebuilding of the area, including their “ideological and moral traits.”

“He expressed his happiness, saying that such a village that has taken its shape as a fairyland within a short period of merely over 30 days is a miracle, which can be created by only the service personnel of the Korean People’s Army,” the article said.

Officials were “immensely encouraged by the field guidance of the Supreme Leader” at the reconstruction site, and service personnel “vowed once again” to finish the reconstruction at the highest level by the founding anniversary of the Worker’s Party on Oct. 10, KCNA said.

“The pace of energetic leadership by the Supreme Leader who is making endless journey of patriotic devotion for the country and people will be the stride of the vigorous advance of the country and the motive force of miracles that make the people and army honorable victors in today’s campaign for recovery from natural disaster, and hurrah for the socialism would resound far and wide across the country celebrating the October holiday,” the article finished. EFE-EPA

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