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Kit Harington discusses parenthood, more intimate role

By Paula Escalada Medrano

Madrid, Aug 4 (EFE).- No more disputed crowns, gory battles or living dead. Kit Harington has made a U-turn in his career to play a young man who falls in love with a stranger on a train.

His new role, in an episode of Modern Love, comes as he recovers from dealing with excessive stress after starring in HBO’s Game of Thrones, which catapulted him to fame as Jon Snow.

In an interview with Efe, the British actor reveals what led him to undertake a more intimate project, explaining that his main motivation was becoming a father in early 2021 alongside fellow Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie, whom he met working on the show.

Parenthood flipped his life upside down, he says, forcing him to leave narcissism aside and let his ego go out the window.

The second season of Modern Love will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on August 13 featuring Harington.

Interviewer: How does it feel to be involved in such a sentimental project, with real love stories, in Modern Love?

Harington: That is one of the reasons I took it. It’s light, it’s funny, it’s sweet, it kind of gives us a bit of fresh air in a time that is not so easy right now. My hopeless romantic side came out in me recently from having a child.”

I: How did the opportunity to play the role come up?

H: John Carney, the writer and director of the piece, approached me and told me “I think you would be great.” I’m kind of enjoying the anthology way of working. I get to deepen into a character for a week rather than eight years. So he immediately picked my interest because of that. I was like, “oh, that is another little role I can go and do, and the show is different.” It also was during the pandemic and I thought “that is a week of work during the pandemic and it can be fun.” When I filmed this my wife was pregnant so my brain was all soppy. So they got me at the right time to do something like this.”

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