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Korean band Momoland stirs passions among Mexican public

Mexico City, Feb 17 (EFE).- Members of the South Korean band Momoland brought all the female power of k-pop to Mexico City to promote their new music, live with their fans and learn more about the Mexican culture, with which they consider having some things in common.

“We identify (with Mexican people) in that we are very passionate, that gives us a lot of energy when it comes to having concerts here, and in another thing in which we are similar is that we drink a lot of liquor with a high degree of alcohol, here they drink tequila and in Korea we drink soju,” band member JooE said in an interview with EFE.

She, along with Ahin, Jane, Nancy, Na-yun and Hye-Bin have now toured Mexico for the second time and said they felt interest in the country after seeing “Coco” (2017), the Disney Pixar movie about the Day of the Dead.

Their first visit was in 2019, when they had just gone viral on this side of the planet with the song “Bboom, Bboom,” which had been released a year earlier.

Almost four years after the event, the singers returned to Mexico “older and prettier,” Jane said.

“I think that in these years Momoland has changed a lot in terms of our music, in how we see ourselves on the outside and how we are on the inside, but specifically in music we have grown a lot. I think this evolution has made us have more support here than part of our fans,” Ahin added.

The band are in Mexico this year to promote the song “Yummy Yummy Love” in collaboration with singer Natti Natasha, a song that narrates the emotion of giving the first kiss.

Although the theme does not include texts in Spanish, and it was the Dominican singer who adapted to Momoland’s rhythms, this has been their first approach to Latin American culture in the musical field.

“We’ve received a lot of love with the song,” says Ahin.

In addition, this is the first song in which the six singers that make up the group sing lines in English, which has allowed them to internationalize their music and, above all, has left them wanting to continue experimenting with the language.

“We want to continue releasing music in different languages, if we had the opportunity we would love to record a song in Spanish, we are interested in being able to communicate better with our followers,” Ahin said.

The singers have been in Mexico for a few days and have so far passed through cities such as Guadalajara and Monterrey.

In Mexico City they still plan to make their debut on national television and will hold a meeting with their fans Friday at Parque Bicentenario, where they said they would present five songs to their followers. EFE


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