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Kramatorsk attack: Zelensky vows to take Russia to war crimes tribunal

International Desk, Apr 9 (EFE).- Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Saturday said all the alleged war crimes committed by the Russian forces, including the deadly missile strike at Kramatorsk train station a day ago, would be taken up at a future tribunal.

More than 50 people, including five children, were killed on Friday when rockets hit the railway station in the eastern Ukrainian city.

Both Ukraine and Russia have blamed each other for the deadly attack on the train station thronged by thousands of people waiting for evacuation to escape the war.

“Like the Bucha massacre, like many other Russian war crimes, the missile strike on Kramatorsk should be one of the accusations voiced at the tribunal, which will take place definitely,” President Zelensky said in a video message on Telegram.

He said global powers must identify who ordered the missile strike and the plane from where the missiles took off.

“Accountability is inevitable,” Zelensky said, emphasizing that it was yet another war crime committed by Russia in Ukraine.

He alleged that the Russian propagandists were in such a hurry to shift the responsibility for the strike onto Ukrainian forces that they inadvertently blamed Russia.

“The (Russian) state-run RIA Novosti agency posted a report about the strike on Kramatorsk as the missiles were still flying,” he said.

Zelensky recalled that some Russian “propagandists” even warned of threats to all those who escaped from Donetsk and Luhansk regions by rail.

He said Ukraine expected a firm and global response to the Russian war crime and the massacres committed in Bucha.

Zelensky said the Russians struck the Kramatorsk railway with the Tochka-U missile.

The Ukraine defense ministry said the Russians, “taking bestial brutality and moral depravity to the next level,” wrote: “revenge for the children” on the rocket that took the lives of five kids.

United States President Joe Biden said the attack on a Ukrainian train station was “yet another horrific atrocity committed by Russia, striking civilians who were trying to evacuate and reach safety.”

“We will continue our security assistance and weapons deliveries to help Ukraine defend their country. And, together with our allies and partners, we will support efforts to investigate this attack as we document Russia’s actions and hold them accountable.” EFE


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