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Kyiv denounces kidnappings of civilians in Lugansk occupied territory

Kyiv, Apr 10 (EFE).- The Military Administration of the Lugansk province denounced raids and kidnappings of civilians by the authorities imposed by Moscow in this eastern Ukraine province largely occupied by Russia.

“The cases of violent kidnappings of the civilian population at the hands of the Russian invaders do not stop,” the military administration of the area said Monday in a statement published on its Telegram account.

“Specifically in (the municipality of) Satrobilsk, they raid the houses of citizens suspected of supporting Ukraine and take people to an unknown place with no return,” read the statement, which spoke of other abuses by occupying authorities.

In the town of Chmyrivka, the statement said, the invaders recently looted a nursery, and in the surroundings of Popasna they stole tombstones from the cemetery to modify the inscriptions and reuse them for graves of Russian soldiers.

“The decision is due to the fact that it is more than three times cheaper than commissioning a new monument,” concludes the note from the Lugansk Military Administration. EFE


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