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Lantern festival brings new year celebrations to a close in China

Beijing, Feb 26 (efe-epa).- Eye-catching red lanterns and light shows were on display across China on Friday as the country brought its Lunar New Year festivities to a close.

The Lantern Festival goes back over two thousand years in China and marks the first full moon of the new year.

Many locals celebrate the occasion by heading out to parks and avenues after dark to soak in the lantern and light displays.

In the capital Beijing, dozens of residents flocked to the picturesque Shuizhui Lake to wander through rows of traditional red lanterns — red being the color associated with luck, happiness and success in Chinese culture.

Increasingly, modern iterations of the lantern are crafted to resemble animals and flowers while some are even inspired by popular culture.

The occasion is also marked with traditional Chinese dances, acrobatic shows and riddle-solving. EFE-EPA


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