Latvian military supplies will be delivered to Ukraine, defense minister

Riga, Latvia, Jan 19 (EFE).- Latvia will supply Ukraine with lethal devices and supplies made by its fledgling defense industry, defense minister Artis Pabriks said on Wednesday.

While Pabriks said Latvia would not give precise details of its military assistance to Ukraine “until the plane is on the ground” in Kiev, he said supplies would include Latvian-made small arms ammunition, personal gear for soldiers and field rations for military troops.

Pabriks was speaking at a press conference on Latvian defense developments in 2021 and plans for 2022 in Riga two weeks after he announced the country would send military aid, including unspecified weapons and weapon systems, to Ukraine.

Pabriks ruled out sending Latvian soldiers to Ukraine, but confirmed that the Latvian military has been in a state of heightened alert since November in response to the migration crisis with Belarus and tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Lithuania and Sweden have also raised their level of military alert, citing tensions over Ukraine.

While Russia has denied planning an attack on Ukraine, Western allies have voiced concern over a possible invasion after Moscow amassed troops on the border with Ukraine in recent months.EFE


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