Lebanon’s prime minister designate quits month after nomination

Beirut, Sept 26 (efe-epa).- Lebanese prime minister-designate Mostafa Adib on Saturday quit his attempts to form a cabinet over disagreements between main political blocs “in the final stages” nearly a month after being named.

 “With the arrival of the effort to form a government to its final stages, it became clear to me that this consensus (with the main political blocs in parliament), on the basis of which I accepted this national mission in this difficult circumstance no longer exists,” Adib said in a televised speech.

“And since a line up with the specifications that I have set is already doomed to failure and out of my concern for national unity with its constitutionality and credibility, I apologize for not continuing the task of forming the government.,” he added after meeting President Michel Aoun.

“I wish those who will be chosen for the arduous task after me, and to those who will choose them, success in facing the imminent dangers besetting our country, our people and our economy.”

Adib was named prime minister on 31 August, replacing Hassan Diab, who resigned in the wake of the Beirut blast that killed more than 190 people earlier that month.

He was voted by parliament to become the new premier hours before the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, who has been pushing for reforms in the Arab country.

Adib said he had accepted the mission of forming a salvation government “on the basis that I will not exceed the two-week deadline”.

During his visit to Lebanon earlier this month, Macron announced a reform plan that included forming a new government within two weeks among other terms in exchange of mobilizing international support for Lebanon.

Adib said he sought to form a government of specialists that excludes “those with party affiliations or those named by the parties”, a proposal that was agreed by the parliamentary blocs during Macron’s visit.

“The initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron must continue because it expresses France’s sincere intention… to support Lebanon,” Adib added.

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