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LGBT+ ballet breaks stereotypes in central Mexico

Puebla, Mexico, Jun 18 (EFE).- With love for culture and dance, the first folkloric ballet made up of the LGBT+ community was created in Mexico with the aim to break stereotypes among society.

“Qué diversa es Puebla” began in April 2022 and is open to everyone regardless of their gender identity.

Ruben Gomez Lopez, director of the ballet “Qué diversa es Puebla,” said this group was created to release all the feelings and emotions each member has through dance.

“The ballet began so that we can break the stereotypes and labels that are held towards us: that we only dedicate ourselves to the rampage, the parties,” he said. “We are people full of culture, values, education who are prepared to show people that we are different and show that dance is for everyone.”

He said that they have been more accepted in the states where they have performed than in Puebla, where they are from because there is still a lack of openness, although he said the interest in the performances has been maintained for a few months due to the concept.

The dancer said the choreographies are based on traditional themes, but some steps of contemporary and modern dance are added to give it its own style.

Carlos Cruz, the ballet’s deputy director, said the creation of this group was a certainty, since he participated on several occasions in ethereal groups, where he could only perform the role of a man and was the victim of ridicule, due to the natural movements he does because of his gender.

“I attended one of his presentations and I said I have to bet on something different, to win spaces, to continue the fight,” he said.

Similarly, Carlos Analco Rangel, a member of the ballet, said he was happy to be part of a group that is opening doors to the community.

“I feel good because in other groups I only had to play the role of a gentleman and now I can use skirts, wigs, accessories and more.”


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