LGBT skiers in Chile paint Andean slopes with rainbow colors

Farellones, Chile, Aug 5 (EFE).- LGBTIQ+ skiers drenched the Andean slopes nestling this ski resort with rainbow colors on Friday at the opening of the first gay skiing event in Chile.

Dozens of activists brought skis, sleds, and snowboards to slide down the slopes of Farellones in Santiago de Chile to defend equality and their rights to sexual choice in a joyous environment on a bright day.

The event took place at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters, between the hills of the Parva and El Colorado.

With government assistance, the event will run through the weekend to boost tourism two years after the Covid-19 crisis.

“Given the circumstances, the event is crucial for us. The global pandemic that we endured for two years is now coming to an end,” Cristian Rodriguez Bimfa, who is in charge of the economy for the metropolitan area, told EFE.

Rodríguez Bimfa said the government had opened the borders for foreign tourism.

“The event is also tied to the government’s promotion of pride tourism. We encourage a wide range of cultural activities. Everyone is invited,” the official stated.

A “Dragg Queen,” who stuck out in the snow with her exuberance, high heels, and colorful makeup, was especially cheery.

“The LGBTIQ+ community is now visible. We are no longer restricted to specific parts of Santiago or the world. We have the ability to make ourselves noticeable. For example, today on a mountain here,” said the drag queen, who wore exaggerated feminine gender signifiers.

The queen wishes that the event was conducted every year.

One of the accomplishments of the program, according to Ana Martnez, who oversees women’s and gender equity in the Santiago metropolitan area, was that the LGBTIQ+ community was relaxed, appreciated the event, and felt proud of their identity.

“We are delighted that two very important issues for the government have come together: The revival of tourism and the possibility that we all feel safer.”

The “Pride Ski” is celebrated across the world, but this is the first time it has visited Chile, a fairly conservative nation.

Joane Agüero, one of the organizers, said the two main objectives of the event were to make Chile the capital of LGBTIQ+ tourism in Latin America and a destination for the community worldwide.

“It also has to do with making the LGBTI community visible. We must be able to freely show who we are,” she said. EFE


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