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London’s Tate Modern reopens with an intimate display of Rodin’s sculpture

London, May 14 (EFE).- London’s Tate Modern museum will reopen its doors to the public with an exhibition of French sculpture François Auguste René Rodin’s work.

Considered the founder of modern sculpture and famous for his marble and bronze sculptures, the museum has chosen to showcase Rodin’s (1840-1917) more experimental work as its first exhibit post-pandemic.

“What the exhibition is trying to do is expose the less known aspects of his iconic pieces. So, for example, in the first room we show ‘The Thinker’, which is incredibly well known and one of his greatest masterpieces,” assistant curator of the exhibition, Helen O’Malley, told EFE.

“But in our research, we discovered that he chose to fragment the foot of The Thinker and to present it as a finished piece and a piece on its own,” O’Malley added.

“The Making of Rodin” exhibition will display over 200 art pieces borrowed from the Rodin Museum in Paris. It will include his experimental sculptures made in clay and covered in plaster and over 60 sculptures of fragmented limbs as art pieces of their own.

The exhibition, open from May 18 to October 31, will recreate the atmosphere of the Parisian Pavillon de l’Alma in 1900, when Rodin organized an exhibition of his plaster models and sculptures of fragmented limbs presented as finished pieces.

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