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Long-awaited ‘Lord Of The Rings’ series steals spotlight at Comic-Con

By Xavier Romualdo

San Diego, US, Jul 22 (EFE).- Amazon Studios raised expectations Friday for “The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of The Power,” said to be the most expensive television series ever made, with a spectacular presentation at Comic-Con.

The e-commerce giant signed Stephen Colbert, one of the kings of American television, to show fans the first images from the series, co-directed and produced by Spaniard J.A. Bayona, which will arrive on Amazon Prime Video on Sep. 2.

“It’s a story of hope and encroaching darkness, unlikely friendships, of home, and this being Tolkien, it’s a story of loss,” Colbert told thousands of fans who queued, some overnight at the San Diego Convention Center, to be the first to see an appetizer of the blockbuster.

Technically impressive, each of the eight episodes that make up this first season promises to replicate an experience similar to the films of the original trilogy.

The series is set 4,000 years before the events narrated in “The Hobbit” and in the trilogy of “The Lord Of The Rings,” with no sign of the “one ring” over which J.R.R Tolkien’s protagonists on the big screen fought.

A prosperous and tranquil island kingdom called Numenor and a new batch of characters are at the center of this new story that, according to its creators, draws from the foundations that the writer laid out in his famous novels.

“Just imagine your home, your family, your job, your cosplay costume, the things that matter most to you,” executive producer Patrick McKay said.

“Then suddenly imagine all that’s about to be taken away. How far would you go into the darkness to protect them? That’s the story we’re telling.”

In its attempt to establish itself as one of the powers of the new television market, Amazon acquired the rights to the universe created by Tolkien in 2017 with the commitment to produce 50 hours over five seasons.

The directors assure that during the last five years of production and filming in New Zealand they have had full creative freedom, and a huge budget of $465 million for season one, so that one of the most important sagas of cinema jumps to the small screen in the best possible way.

The series has become ubiquitous at Comic-Con, a fair where Marvel, DC Comics and Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster franchises present their productions to hardcore fans. EFE


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