Luis Enrique: “This is the group of death, everything is possible until the last game”

Paris, Oct 25 (EFE) – The coach of Paris Saint-Germain, the Spaniard Luis Enrique Martínez, considered that of the victory against Milan (3-0) “the best thing was the score”, he acknowledged that the Italians started better and assured that in the “group of death, the classification will be resolved in the last game”.

“The first 20-25 minutes were for Milan, they pressured us well and we made mistakes in getting the ball out, which caused us to lack confidence,” said Luis Enrique.

” The goal calmed us down and in the second half we were a different team, with more confidence, I think we were better in the second half,” he added.

“Thank God we were good defensively, because if they had scored our confidence would have collapsed and theirs would have increased,” said the coach.

Luis Enrique was happy with the result, but not with the game, admitting that his team suffered a lot in the first half. He also felt that the score was exaggerated and that “it does not reflect what the game was”.

The victory, he said, does not make us forget the defeat against Newcastle three weeks ago and does not mean that his team will qualify for the second round.

“It is the group of death, until the last day we can all qualify (…) We have to go to Milan to play the same game as today, to dominate and win. It is good for me that the fans think their team will be brave,” he said.

Luis Enrique was full of praise for 17-year-old midfielder Warren Zaïre-Emery, who was named player of the match for his two assists.

“He is a surprising player, at 17 years old he does everything well, pressure, dribbling, position on the field, he scores and gives goals. He is the perfect example for all young people who want to be PSG players. If they want to see an example at the highest level, they should look at him,” he said. EFE


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