Machado says she is ready to do “everything” to serve the “common interest” of Venezuelans

Caracas, Jan 1 (EFE).- The main opposition coalition’s candidate for Venezuela’s 2024 presidential election, María Corina Machado, promised on Monday in her New Year’s message to do “everything” in the “complex negotiation” that is “being carried out” with the government, so that the “common interest” of the population is “always the priority.”

“A complex negotiation is being carried out with the regime, in which I commit myself to do everything so that the common and superior interest of the Venezuelans is always the priority,” assured the former deputy in a video published in social networks, in which she did not provide further details on these conversations.

She reiterated that in October’s primaries, in which she won with 92.35% of the vote, the country gave her “a mandate” that she will “fulfill,” that of “liberating and transforming Venezuela through free and fair presidential elections.”

The opposition leader assured that the “most important year in the contemporary history of Venezuela” has begun, in which a “spiritual battle between good and evil” will be fought and a “criminal system” will be “confronted and defeated” in these elections, scheduled for the second semester, without a definite date.

Machado is disqualified from holding elected public office, but assures that she has never been notified of a disqualification, and in December she asked the Supreme Court to review her case, using the mechanism agreed upon by the government and the opposition United Democratic Platform as part of the political negotiations that both sides are holding with a view to the presidential elections. EFE


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