Macri joins Bullrich to close presidential campaign in Argentina

Buenos Aires, October 19 (EFE) – The candidate for the Argentine presidency of Together for Change (center-right), Patricia Bullrich, closed her presidential campaign on Thursday in an event in Buenos Aires, with the support of former president Mauricio Macri (2015-2019).

Also present at the closing was her rival in the August 13 primary, Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and other prominent members of the opposition coalition.

“This Sunday, October 22, we must change the agony of violence. The fear of this decision for conviction, for votes for change. Because on Sunday we will win,” said the former security minister during the Macri government.

Bullrich is in third place in all the polls, behind the libertarian Javier Milei and the candidate of the ruling party, Sergio Massa.

If these numbers become reality, Bullrich would not have the option of participating in a possible second round of the presidential election, held on November 19.

In her speech, the candidate harshly criticized her opponents, pointing to a possible alliance between the two to keep her out of the race for the Casa Rosada.

“I am worried about Milei’s ideas. They are bad and dangerous,” warned Bullrich, who also criticized Wednesday’s proposal by one of Milei’s intellectual leaders to suspend diplomatic relations with the Vatican.

“Just when there is an Argentine pope. Surely it will be centuries before there is an Argentine pope again. What ideas these people have!” she said.

Next to her, Macri, who in recent weeks has been forced to reiterate his support for Bullrich amid rumors of his closeness to Milei, agreed.

“We have Patricia with her courage, strength and determination, accompanied by a technical team with volume, experience and great capacity,” said the founder of Propuesta Republicana (Pro), the majority party within Together for Change to which Bullrich belongs.

During the event, both Macri and the candidate criticized Massa, the ruling party’s candidate, whom the former president called “the worst economy minister in the history of Argentina.

Bullrich also referred several times to the controversy surrounding the “Insaurralde case,” an alleged case of corruption that in recent weeks has affected Peronism in the province of Buenos Aires.

“In Insaurralde we saw Kirchnerist corruption, the yacht trip through Europe showed us a scene that all Argentines knew, but it was so explicit, clear and so far from the everyday life of Argentines,” said Bullrich.

The candidate added that “the mafia” (referring to government and union leaders) is “afraid” of her victory on Sunday.

Argentina will hold parliamentary elections on October 22. If none of the presidential candidates receives 45% of the vote, or at least 40% and 10 points ahead of the next most popular candidate, there will be a second round on November 19.

The next occupant of the Casa Rosada will take office on December 10 for the period 2023-2027. EFE jgv/cmm

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