Macron announces ecological measures after green election success

By Luis Miguel Pascual

Paris, Jun 29 (efe-epa).- French President Emmanuel Macron announced a series of environmental measures on Monday after greens made huge advances in municipal elections.

The ecological agenda outlined a series of governmental actions over the next two years.

It came after Macron held a meeting with 150 members of France’s Citizens’ Convention for the Climate at Paris’ Élysée Palace.

The assembly consists of citizens chosen to spend nine months working on a series of ecological proposals for the country.

Macron approved almost all of the 149 ideas proposed by the group to fight the climate crisis without slowing down the country’s economy or deepening social divides.

“The climate challenge forces us to go further, faster. It is time to act,” Macron said hours after his party suffered a series of defeats at the hands of environmental candidates.

He said the unprecedented result was “a barometer of what the French think” and shows that “ecology is at the heart of their concerns.”

In his speech, Macron said that 146 of the 149 proposals will be adopted in the form of decrees, when possible, and a specific law before the end of the summer.

He did not rule out calling referendums to make ecological reforms if parliamentary procedures become entangled.

The French leader also announced an additional 15 billion euros to support the country’s environmental transition over the next two years, within the country’s Covid-19 economic recovery plan.

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